Evaluation Material


Company Name ___________________      Date:__________________

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Property Name_________________Property Address _____________

Name property Listed in Tax roll _______________________________


Information needed for Property Review- All information will be kept confidential

The more information we have, the better analysis we can perform for you.

1. Actual operating statements for 3 yrs.


2. Projected operating statement for current yr.


3. Deferred maintenance needed and approximate cost


4. List of major repairs completed for 3 yrs.


5. Any known issues with property or equipment?


6. Reason for sale


7. Why is this a property we should buy ?


8. What makes this a compelling purchase?


9. Any other input that you feel important ?


10. List of major competitors in area and what type of car wash do they have?


11. List of equipment and approximate age


12. List of personal property and approximate value


13. Survey


14. Environmental report if available


15. Any leases


16. Any warranties


17. Do you accept credit cards?


18. If you accept credit cards, what software do you use?


19. Latest Appraisal


20. Picture of outside and inside of wash


Thanks for your help. We will be in touch with you within 48 hours