The dark web is where the bad guys, like identity thieves, buy and sell personal information. If your email address is there, these brigands can potentially gain access to accounts associated with you. Scanning your email here is a good first step to better protect your identity.

Using this tool is easy – just enter your e-mail address and click “Start Scan”. Experian will e-mail you a report almost instantly. If they report “Your email was not found on the Dark Web” you can rest easier – but don’t get complacent. However, if the report comes back: “Your email was found on the Dark Web” you will need to get busy changing your passwords and taking other protective measure.

This may be a good time to research safe practices on the web. Some wag said “There are three types of people on the web: 1. Those who have been hit. 2. Those who haven’t been hit – yet, and 3. Those who are going to get hit – if they don’t keep their left high.

It’s obvious that these folks have a security service to sell – but they certainly provide a good no-cost way to find out how insecure you may be on the dark web.


If you shop on the web you will probably go “Wow” when to try this automatic coupon clipper.

This service makes it incredibly easy to save time and money on-line. This browser extension automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout on thousands of sites. But that’s not all– it also instantly finds better prices on Amazon and offers rewards from many stores.

Just go to this place and put their hardworking extension to work on your browser. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

Then when you’re on a supported shopping site you will see an icon in the top right corner of your browser change color This indicates that they support this store. Then just click on the button and Shazam — any coupons they know about for that site are listed for your selection.



If you use the top-rated Google Chrome browser, Time Magazine has prepared a treatise covering their thirteen favorite tips.

These include many Chrome extensions and programs that have been built to make browsing more productive and fun. Using them, you can save articles to read anywhere, learn a new language, save money while shopping, and even improve your writing — all with very little hassle.

These tips can help you do things you didn’t even know were possible.

Among the other tips included are: A remote desktop (Desktop to smart phone); A weird image search tool; a well-made ad-blocking extension – plus lots more.

Wiz bang stuff!


Want to design the house of your dreams right on your computer or smart phone? The interior design software at this great place can help you in planning home renovations. They bring you the same techniques that interior design professionals use to visualize their projects.

You can draft detailed 2D floor plans and watch as the structure is automatically built in 3D. Then continue to design and decorate the interior, optimizing the furniture arrangement and making smart color decisions in a fully functional 3D environment.

Then use the results in real life by sharing your interior and taking it with you wherever you go on your smart phone.

These folks will give you a useful basic program without cost. If you really get into it, you can upgrade for peanuts.