After interviewing several brokers, I chose Elliott Silverstone to help me locate a commercial building because I liked him. But it was during a contract negotiation that he became valuable to me. The seller was difficult and even rude. Elliot’s professionalism and clear perspective kept the negotiations going and we finally closed on the building at my desired price. Elliot then quickly secured a lease tenant for our building. He’s the best!

Russ Images, Gary Russ, President

I have been a licensed attorney for more than thirty years. I have handled thousands of real estate transactions. In my opinion, the best real estate broker I have ever dealt with is Elliot Silverstone. If you are ever in need of an experienced, professional real estate broker, you can do no better than Elliot Silverstone.

Daniel Kruger, President Daniel Y. Kruger, P.C.

Texas Store Fixtures has been fortunate to have had several dealings with Elliot Silverstone. We are pleased to say that Elliot has given us 110% of his attention and experience in our search for property. His research abilities were invaluable. Elliot’s personal connection made it easy to do business and close on our properties promptly

Gavin Emberson, President Texas Store Fixtures.

When we were just a start-up company with 4-5 employees crammed into a 500 sq ft. office, Elliot diligently worked hard to help us find a facility that could be the foundation for the growth of our company. Elliot helped us negotiate a “deal” with the bank on a distressed property they had in their portfolio. At the time, the building was enormous to us (30,000 sq ft), but in the end we needed every bit of the space to grow. We have been very pleased with the investment and the service Elliot has performed. We would recommend his services very highly.

Peter Altman, President of Lumantec Inc.

A flood of enthusiasm and a drought of limitations, Elliot produces impressive results against all odds.

RB Rivers, Investor

Elliot represented us on several transactions and did an outstanding job! He is both conscientious and persistent. We were very pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate using him again.

Sandy Gottesman President, Gottesman Co.

Elliot located exactly what we were looking for within 24 hours. Another 24 hours and the contract was signed. Elliot really works hard for his clients. He always calls to check if there is anything he can do for us. When we start our expansion, Elliot will be the first person we contact.

         Bob Stasswender, President, Southwest Marble & Granite, Inc.

Elliot Silverstone has responded to my real estate needs for over nine years. His knowledge and energy have resulted in the successful closing of purchase, sales, and leasing transactions. My satisfaction continues long after the deal has been done.

Jack Howison

It is rare to work with a professional realtor who understands real estate and has a business background. Elliot has owned a large retail chain, car washes etc and understands business, finances at every level. He will work hard for you.

Dave Swenson – Arbor Car Washes, Austin, Texas

When we bought our offices, Elliot heled us close the deal. His expertise was invaluable. I’m not sure we would have bought the property without his help.

Sid Grief, President , Triple A News

Elliot has handled the acquisition of property for me, and I have been consistently impressed by his knowledge of the market, his honesty, and his follow-through on things he has promised that he would do. He’s a pleasant man to deal with, too.

June Moroney, California investor

Elliot is very diligent and complete in his follow through for his clients. His “will do” attitude is very refreshing in today’s frantically paced environment.

Bryce Miller, President of Endeavor Real Estate

Elliot stayed on top of things when we asked him to help us in the purchase of a new buildling for our business. The results were successful!

Rueben Kogut, Reuben’s liquor and abc restaurant supply

Nothing is too much trouble for Elliot. Sellers and Buyers love him because of his honesty and win win attitude. He is one of a kind.

Davis Foor, Cedarwood

Elliot is one of the few brokers who truly understand accurate financial models and what it takes to operate a business He is a great person to have on your side.

Crescendo Properties, California

Elliot is dedicated to locating sites and negotiating the best possible price and terms for us. He is invaluable.

B Buzbee, Trammel Crow Residential

Elliot stays on task, he does not get sidetracked and he negotiates for us in good faith and does a great job.

D. SLack, McShane Corp

I have used Elliot for several transactions. He is smart, honest, and sincere. No one works harder for you than Elliot. I would use him as my broker always.

Chad Dieterich

Elliot is the most patient real estate broker I have ever worked with. He stuck with us through a long and very difficult period and always gave us 101%. You can’t go wrong with Elliot.

Kimberley Domel

Elliot is one of the best car wash brokers I have ever worked with. He gives you 100% everytime and understands the car wash industry.

Ahmed Jafferally

Elliot helped me buy my first car wash. He was extremely helpful during the sales and even afterwards. He really cares about the clients and wants them to be successful.

Atul Kumar